Falling in love with Margus Coffee Tours in Jardin, Colombia

We woke up at Margus Coffee Farm in Jardin, Colombia when it happened. Waking up that morning I had an extra spring in my step. Something was different, I felt different. I gazed over at Charo, and she felt it as well. We both fell head over heels in love with Jardin, Colombia. What's not to love. If you had a chance to stay with Gustavo and Marta you'd know as well. Our time was well spent seeing Jardin, learning about coffee trying to figure out why does everyone here drinks instant coffee? Getting to Jardin We travelled by Rapido Ochoa from Medellin, Colombia. This was a small coach bus and was the only coach bus we could find to travel to Jardin. In Medellin, we went to Terminal Sur to get the bus. ***NOTE: When you're looking for a bus, do not assume you know where the bus station is. We've found that, especially in larger cities, there can be several different terminals. Always check online, or ask a local. You don't want to risk missing your bus. Gustavo and Marta I often write about the people who are hosting us at some point in my blog entry, but this time it's different, and why wouldn't it be, this was our first homestay. As I'm writing this blog entry I find that I mentioned Marta and Gustavo's name over and over so I thought I'd give you a brief introduction to their family.   Marta - Wife, and mother. If you call to book a tour, you will be [...]