Adventures in Toronto

The best snow removal team in the city Approaching this year away I have to admit I really can’t wait to not see winter. You see, I dislike winter. If it weren’t for hockey, I think I’d hibernate and try to miss the whole season. Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying to get over the winter blahs by going out around the town and trying some different things. Rose the Musical Waiting to see Rose Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. It was the first time we were taking the kids to a play, let alone a musical. From the moment we were taken into the town of Somewhere till the final curtain we were captured by the music, the characters and the story. The costumes and set design was very colourful, it was as if it were a cartoon turned into real life. The adventure has Rose going through her world trying to figure out who she is and what is her place in it. While watching Rose I thought of my kids going on our adventure. Just like Rose they have a big world to conquer, and I hope they are fearless when they question it. I’d have to say this is one of my favourite musicals and highly encourage you to see it. It definitely was a great day in Somewhere! Toronto Light Festival This was an amazing display of lights in the Distillery district. Kind of a two for one deal! Go see Rose, and then go see this amazing display of lights. A visit from family Last Saturday night, I went to the airport to pick up family. Charo’s cousin, [...]