Our Two-Night Stay at Casa Paraiso, Tulum, Mexico

Tulum We arrived in Mexico, and instead of spending time in Cancun, we moved right to Tulum. We took the ADO bus stop from inside the airport; we only had to walk a few steps to reach it. These buses, for the most part, are very comfortable, and most that we have ridden in have a bathroom. They played movies on longer bus rides as well. I’ve noticed that they have a schedule, but so far, no bus has been accurate to the time. We usually waited approximately 15 minutes after the bus scheduled to leave for it to arrive. The coach doesn’t make many stops, and you can book your seat. You can tell who were tourists as they were the ones who asked people to move if you were in their assigned seat. Our bus ride to Tulum took us about 3 hours. […]

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Where to eat in Tulum

Questioning where to eat in Tulum, Mexico? After talking to a few local people, Charo found that the place to go is Antojitos La Chiapaneca. We didn’t want to research through the net. After all, we want places suggested by locals. If they cannot vouch for it, we don’t want to eat there.  […]

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