Life Before the trip

Our blogs written before our year-long adventure.

What’s the plan?

Last week was a bit of a down week for me. Continually thinking about the trip, all the different things we have to do, all the money that is going to be spent, all of it is really draining. Most of us worry about money someway or another. Paying rent or mortgage takes a chunk of our pay cheques. Groceries are not getting any cheaper. Transportation costs don’t ever seem to go down. Let’s not even venture thinking about kids activities and schooling! So decided to be a little proactive this week and plan on how we are going to save a bit of money. […]

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Burn Out

Over the past few months I’ve been writing about what Charo and I are up to. Yesterday, we were looking for backpacks for the kids and I didn’t want to be there. I think I’m getting burnt out from getting ready for our trip. […]

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Life Skills

I remember the day I turned 16. I just got out of school and to my surprise my brother pulled up in his car and told me to get in. It was odd that he showed up, but I never questioned it. I thought my lucky day, he never picks me up. Well, to my surprise he was taking me for my 365. That’s what a driver’s learners permit was called. I’ve been driving since. Driving is one of those skills you need in your life that make life easier, and a little more fun. What other skills do we learn along the way? How about riding a bike? I know I can. I have a memory of a white bike with training wheels with a little license plate on the front of it. Skating? To the dismay of my first Louie League hockey team that came when I was 26. I wanted to play hockey bad enough that I signed up to play goalie without knowing how to skate! And who could forget learning to swim? I can’t, cause it just happened! […]

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The Clothing List

A few things taken to Burton Island in 2017. Not all of it our stuff :) A couple of weeks ago, I bought my backpack, and I knew I'd get a reaction to the size of it. After much debate, Charo and I decided to go for larger packs so we can lighten the load for the kids. A family member, Vero and a friend, Kathy, have both expressed to me that we should be going for the minimalist approach. Charo's sister can't believe we are going to fit our life in a bag that small for a year. Seventy litres is quite a bit of space, and I know the more I fill, the more I have to carry. I want to assure everyone that we are going to pack light(ish). So here it is, the clothing I'll be packing for our trip: 5 Short-Sleeve t-shirts2 pairs of shorts2 Long sleeve shirts (Charo wants 3)2 pairs of pants5 Pairs of socks5 Underwear1 Light fleece1 Rain jacket1 Long underwear2 swimsuits1 hat1 Pair of hiking shoes1 Pair of sandals1 Flip flops The kids' list will be identical to this, and Charo's list will just be adding a few bras. We are debating on a jacket as a few parts of South America will be dropping to single digits at night time. There are other things we will have in the pack, like toiletries, technology, and a couple of games for the kids. I still feel like we're overpacking. What should we cut down on? Thanks for reading and Happy Adventuring!

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Oh, the places you’ll go!

As an adult, the moment I thought about going away from home for a year sounded great. I couldn't wait to sign up. How about as a kid? As you could imagine, at first, my kids were reluctant to go when we told them. Just like any other idea, to get someone to buy in, it just needs a little repetition. After four years of hearing about it, they've finally fully bought in. As we get closer to the date, they all seem to be more relaxed and at peace with the idea of going. I wish I captured their emotions the first time we told them we were going. For today's blog, I'd share with you some of the things they're thinking about. First, we start with Mateo.   Next, Daniela was eager to participate. Finally, Marco popped in to tell us what he was thinking about.   I can't wait to hear what they have to say about the trip after it's all done. I especially can't wait to see and hear how much they grow from this experience. Thanks for reading and watching. Happy adventuring!

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Our New Best Friends: Our Backpacks

My Backpack We did it! We purchased one of the essential items we will have on our trip. We bought our backpacks! Over the past couple of months, Charo and I have been trying to figure out what type of backpacks we were going to purchase and found that there are many different sizes and styles. Each pack is as individual as it's owner, and the right one for you might not be the right one for me. We decided the feature we were going to focus on was pack capacity. Our thinking: Do we carry only our stuff, so everyone gets to bring a pack? Do we buy two bags and take all the kids' stuff as well as our own? Already a decision that is pretty important for the rest of our journey. We decided to buy two larger packs, as well as three smaller carry on bags for the kids. This way, we can carry the bulk of what we have while giving the kids the experience of carrying their things. We want them involved in the experience without being overburdened. What did we get?Charo's Backpack: the Gregory Diva 70 Litre Charo, being the go-getter that she is, got her pack first. She found her bag on Kijiji. Charo purchased the Gregory Deva 70L Goal zero backpack, which has 70 Liters of capacity to fill up. What's impressive about this pack is the goal zero part. It has a solar panel you can attach to charge electronics as you're moving around.  Joe's backpack: Osprey Waypoint 70 L I purchased the Osprey Waypoint 70L. I found mine on Facebook Marketplace. My bag comes with a detachable daypack, so I [...]

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Researching for Black Friday

Last week was Thanksgiving here in Canada, a great time to spend time with family and break our diets. In the upcoming weeks, we are going to start hearing about American Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday! Deals, Deals, Deals! I’m looking for one particular sale. This year I’ll be shopping for a camera. I’ve tried to narrow it down to a few models, and I need a little advice from anyone with experience using these cameras. […]

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