Two nights in Salento, Colombia

Our last stop in Colombia was two nights in Salento before returning to Bogota for our next flight. We've been moving fast and have had a lot of great experiences. We have spoken to many backpackers on our route who had great things to say. After learning that we enjoy small towns better than big cities, would we enjoy Salento as much as everyone else?   Getting to Salento From Jardin, you will need to take two buses to Salento. The first bus takes you to Rio Sucio, where you have to purchase seating on a second bus to Salento. The first part of the ride is through the mountains over some bumpy roads, while the second trip is smooth over mostly nicely paved roads. The total trip time was approximately 6.5 hours. The first bus we travelled on was an open-air old school bus. There wasn't assigned seating and no bathrooms on the bus. So what happens if there is a potty emergency like Mateo had? Luckily, he only had to pee, so we called out to the bus driver, Mateo jumped off the bus, found a tree, watered the tree, and returned to the bus no problems. If you can hold it for a bit longer, there is a bathroom stop Midway through the trip. Just be warned, the line up can get long. The bus is an old school bus, and seats are limited. Since we are a group of 5 and wanted to make sure we had a place, we purchased our tickets two days before. If you read my last post, you'll [...]

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Backpacking with kids: 8 tips for your family trip

Ninety-two days. That's the last time we saw our house, and that's three full months we've been living out of a backpack. We started in Cancun, Mexico and are now in Cusco, Peru. We've travelled through 9 countries and have several different types of experiences. When backpacking with kids, one of the most important considerations is your filling your backpack with the right stuff. Disclaimer: I have added links to items we found useful, or not. I am not endorsing any website over another, nor am I currently making any money from these links. I did this to give you an idea of the products that we have purchased. Feel free to click, or not. Get ideas and hunt for the best prices. Backpacking with kids: The story so far... My wife, Charo and I had been backpacking before, however, this was the first time we took the kids along with us. Like all parents, we tried to plan for every eventuality. We've learned a few things since we packed and hopefully, I can give you some helpful tips for your backpacking trip with your kids. I know I've already written about some things I've learned after a month, but now after three months of travel through Central and South America, I think there a few new things to help plan a backpacking trip with kids. Size of the Backpacks This part of the post is for us seasoned backpackers, and I'm not talking about being an experienced backpacker, but more in terms of life experience. As we wander the streets, I can't help notice all the 20 something backpackers with a 60 - [...]

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Our Two Wonderful Nights in Minca, Colombia

Even though we hadn't been to Santa Marta for long, it was enjoyable to get back to a small town. Our plan when we arrived early to Minca was to arrive early and enjoy our one night stay there. When Charo was researching our stay she came to the conclusion it would be like our stay at Sierra San Juan in Bonda, a small town with beautiful scenery and mostly quiet. Read more

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Our Marvelous stay in Bonda, Colombia

Where we were on the first day of school Charo and I have been planning this trip for the past 4 years. Actually, Charo has, as you know I’m just along for the ride. There is only one thing I planned to do. On the first day of school, while my friends and former students settled in for their first day, I wanted to live cast myself on a beach, drinking something with an umbrella in it. That didn’t happen. […]

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Two Fantastic Nights in Bacalar, Mexico

Bacalar, or Laguna Bacalar, is a small town in Southern Mexico. This was our last stop in Mexico. During our two nights in Bacalar, we investigated the laguna, spent an afternoon swimming at a local beach called Balnearios, found a fantastic place to have breakfast, and met up with Charo’s cousin Rafael and his family for the second time on our trip. […]

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Our Two-Night Stay at Casa Paraiso, Tulum, Mexico

Tulum We arrived in Mexico, and instead of spending time in Cancun, we moved right to Tulum. We took the ADO bus stop from inside the airport; we only had to walk a few steps to reach it. These buses, for the most part, are very comfortable, and most that we have ridden in have a bathroom. They played movies on longer bus rides as well. I’ve noticed that they have a schedule, but so far, no bus has been accurate to the time. We usually waited approximately 15 minutes after the bus scheduled to leave for it to arrive. The coach doesn’t make many stops, and you can book your seat. You can tell who were tourists as they were the ones who asked people to move if you were in their assigned seat. Our bus ride to Tulum took us about 3 hours. […]

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