About JoefromTO

I’m an aspiring world traveller. I’ll be taking my family of five on the road for a year to see where it leads us. While I’m writing this there is approximately 10 months till we hit the road with our backpacks. Till then I’ll be teaching and trying to survive being a dad.

Travel Buddies by Marco

Welcome to travel buddies where Mateo, Daniela,and me (Marco) write about our travels. It’s pretty much a kid version of Joe from T.O Mateo Mateo likes to play soccer and is almost always ready to help somebody. He can be wild at times but he doesn't hurt anybody on purpose. Mateo along with his sister Daniela make friends easily. Also, Mateo loves waffles. Daniela Daniela is the calmest of the three. She is also the most friendly. Daniela is a good reader for her age. She likes to go spelunking (Cave exploring.) Me (Marco) I like to read and play video games. My favorite sport is basketball I also like to surf. I can’t make friends as easily as Mateo and Daniela. I also love to eat mango Note: The mango is bigger in person. Bye!!

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4 Family Friendly Nights in Manuel Antonio

Eleven years ago Charo and I went backpacking for a month through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I remember landing in San Jose and going on different chicken buses to get to Quepos so we could go to Manuel Antonio park. It was a long day of travel. When we planned our adventure, we knew that Manuel Antonio was a go-to spot. […]

3 Wonderful Nights in Atenas, Costa Rica

After a wonderful time in Nicaragua, we booked a Ticabus to San Jose, Costa Rica. Originally we wanted to go to Ometepe but plans change and for us, it changed about two weeks ago. My brother and his family had decided to meet us on our journey in Atenas, Costa Rica. That’s the beauty of backpacking, plans are very fluid. […]

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Finca Ixobel: A Paradise in Poptun, Guatemala

Our travel so far has been a whirlwind of activity. Every day, we have planned activities with the kids, and it’s been a blast. Now, we decided to slow down a little. Welcome to Finca Ixobel, in Poptun, Guatemala. […]

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