About Joe From T.O.

Welcome to the Joe from To blog About page. We will be taking a year off beginning in July 2019, pulling our three kids out of school for a year and teaching them through experiences. We are hoping that our children see themselves as global stewards and observe how lucky they are to live in Canada.

Charo – Wife Extraordinaire

The master planner for our trip is my lovely wife, Charo. She is originally from Peru and has lived in Canada for almost 20 years. Charo has worked as an oncology nurse in Toronto for over a decade. She is excited to see many parts of the world she has not seen and just as happy to take her family to Peru for the first time.

Mateo, Marco and Daniela

Marco – The Leader of the Pack

Our oldest son is Marco. At the time of our travel, Marco will be missing his grade 6 year. Although it is difficult to get him out of the house, Marco is an adventurer! He enjoys hikes and gets drawn towards any festivals or fairs that he sees. Marco is also an avid reader who is interested in visiting museums for the knowledge they contain. Marco is most interested in visiting Japan, and we are hoping we can make this happen.

Daniela and Mateo -The Wonder Twins

Daniela and Mateo are twins. They both will be missing their grade 3 year during our travels. Many people wonder if twins do everything precisely the same. Well, these two cannot be more different. Daniela is an avid reader and loves to create different types of art. She is by far the calmest of our children. Mateo is our athlete. Anytime he sees a soccer game, he is sure to join in. Daniela is looking forward to meeting new friends from different countries in the world. Mateo is currently undecided about what he is looking forward to. However, his eyes are set on getting a puppy when we return.

Joe From T.O. and Charo standing next to a beaver dam at Beaver Pond Trail in Algonquin Park

Joe – The other guy on the trip

As for me, I’m Joe. My family and I live in Toronto and am approaching my 20th year in the teaching profession. I’m looking forward to having a year to recharge my batteries, enjoy my family and learn a few things along the way.

I’m looking forward to going to see Rapa Nui, otherwise known as Easter Island. I’m hoping this will be one of the stops as I’ve wanted to visit since my childhood. (EDIT: It looks like this won’t be happening. I think I’m fine with it, as it just gives me another reason to travel in the future.)

Our current plans are to backpack through Central America, South America, Australia, as well as parts of Asia. These plans are not set in stone and will be modified as we go along. Charo’s sister in law Trang has already tried to convince us to travel to New Zealand. It’s now one of the many discussions we shall have going forward. If you have any recommendations of places to travel to, to see, or even restaurants or lodging, please email me: Joe@joefromto.com

Thanks to Mike@Torontomike.com from TMDS for helping me build this web page. When I approached Mike about writing a blog, he encouraged me to create it. He has given me ideas on what to write. He has shown me the ropes. Charo and I appreciate how much support he has given us to create this page and the dedication he has shown to make sure it’s up and running correctly.