Welcome to travel buddies where Mateo, Daniela,and me (Marco) write about our travels.

It’s pretty much a kid version of Joe from T.O


Mateo likes to play soccer and is almost always ready to help somebody.

He can be wild at times but he doesn’t hurt anybody on purpose. Mateo along with his sister Daniela make friends easily.

Also, Mateo loves waffles.


Daniela is the calmest of the three. She is also the most friendly.

Daniela is a good reader for her age. She likes to go spelunking (Cave exploring.)

Me (Marco)

I like to read and play video games. My favorite sport is basketball

I also like to surf.

I can’t make friends as easily as Mateo and Daniela.

I also love to eat mango

Note: The mango is bigger in person.