I love this shirt!

Some of the greatest stresses in life have to do with money and moving houses. Can I add a year-long journey to that list? After all, how many of us plan a weekend away. You look for a good deal, a place to stay, and then look for a few things to do. Imagine now multiplying that weekend by 52, and having all those days in between to figure out as well. It’s a full-time job!

If Charo and I were by ourselves, it would undoubtedly be a little easier. I think there would be a little less planning and a little more adventure. With kids, you are not only planning more, but we have a whole lot more to consider from transportation to clothing.

I’d be lying if I told you all the planning had gone smoothly. With just 12 weeks left to go, we are feeling the crunch to get things done. 

The stressors right now, in no particular order:

  1. Get our taxes done. 
  2. Sign the rental agreement for the house. As of right now, our house is pretty much rented out, and we’ve agreed to terms. Our only problem is scheduling a time to sit down together to go through the contract to sign it. I’m confident enough this is only a matter of time, it’s still stressful knowing it hasn’t happened yet.
  3. Finish shopping for clothing. I don’t think you realize how stressful shopping for shoes can be. Sandals for the beach, flip flops for the shower, and then shoes for everyday use, all have their practical reasons. Add to that three kids who would rather do anything than try on shoes. In the end, they will say yes to every pair just to get it over with! 

***Side note. No matter how much money and time you think, you’ll save shopping beforehand you won’t. I won’t even mention how many arguments you’ll save from having!

4. Travel Vaccines. I want to say the kids are getting used to them until one has a 40-minute tantrum because she is suddenly has a fear of the pain needle will bring. It seems like each time we go, and someone different has a meltdown. What’s worse is that after the meltdown, the result is the same, “That wasn’t that bad!” Ugh!!!!

5. Still working on cleaning out the house. It’s easy once you get going, but rather difficult when you stop. One thing I’m doing that is making things take a little more time is asking friends if they need stuff we no longer need. Both Charo and I try not to throw things out if someone can find a use for them.

That’s just a few things that are going on in our house right now. To say it hasn’t put a strain on us would be a lie. This past weekend we both were snapping at each other. We know we are both trying our best to get to the end, and luckily we both can see that. We also know all the work we are putting in now is for the best, but I don’t think either of us genuinely imagined all we had to do to make this become possible. 

Even though our weekend was a little rocky, I think it has given us a little focus. We both have ideas on things we need to accomplish. When we knock something off the list, it’ll feel like a weight off our shoulders. 

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!