Our first two weeks

It’s been a while since I last wrote. In between shovelling, going through our things, shovelling, taking the kids to different activities and more shovelling we’ve been trying to figure out what the first part of our trip will look like and I think we’ve finally decided our first two weeks after changing our route several different times.

Before I continue, I’d like to acknowledge that Charo does the bulk of the planning. She is doing a fantastic job researching all the places we are going. With my researching, we’d probably only make it to the airport. Who am I kidding, we would only make it to the bus stop.

What Are Story Will Look Like

July 2nd, we will be arriving in Cancun. We are going to soak up the vibe of Cancun just long enough to catch a bus to (1) Tulum. There we are going to investigate for two nights. I enjoy that we’re starting at a beach area, especially being so close to the end of the school year. 

After Tulum, we are going to hop on a bus and travel to (2) Mahahual, and you guessed it, more beach time. WOOHOO!!!! We will be staying there two nights and then off to (3) Laguna Bacalar. I’d love to tell you anything about this area, but I know nothing. As I said, I’ve got Charo figuring it out, and I’m just along for the ride. We will be in Bacalar for two nights and then off to Belize.

As of right now, our trip to Belize will be seven nights, and before I give you a brief synopsis, I’d like to thank our friends Audrey and Marcos. This lovely couple is new to Canada, and we met them because our children are in the same classes. Lucky for us, Marcos is from Belize and has been excellent support for us. Not only has he been willing to spend his time to help us figure out an itinerary, but he is also introducing us to his family there to help us in our travels. We are truly grateful for all his help.

When planning our travels through Belize, we had an itinerary that consisted of two weeks. I’ll have to admit it looked great, and we would have gone with it, but we had one problem, time. A year travelling sounds like a lot, but when you start planning things out, it isn’t. We are looking to go through Central America in approximately eight weeks, including our time in Mexico. That’s eight countries in 8 weeks. Two weeks in Belize might be too long, so we’ve adjusted our schedule to one week there.

After arriving from Bacalar, Mexico, we will be going to (4) Corozal. Lucky for us, Marcos’ family will be giving us a place to stay and the use of a car while we are there. We will be staying there for two nights and then off to the (5) San Ignacio area for five nights. Again, Marcos’ family will be giving us somewhere to stay. It’s amazing to think about how generous he and his family is being with us. 

From there off to Guatemala… and we haven’t planned that part of our trip yet. 

As I write this, Charo’s planted reading up on Guatemala, and hopefully, we will have the next part of our trip hammered down relatively shortly. Until then, I’m going to continue getting rid of stuff we don’t need and preparing for tonight’s snowfall. Ugh. 

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring.