Dec 23, 2018

On September 9, 2018 is the day I started my Keto journey, that’s 106 days. So where am I at? Well the picture above just tells half the story.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the weight loss. I’m about 28 pounds lighter today than I was then. More important than that, I feel better. I feel that I have energy from the time I wake up, till the time I go to bed.

I’ve gotten into the rhythm of intermittent fasting. I’ve never been a breakfast type person so skipping breakfast has been no big deal. In fact, for years Charo would complain to me that I wasn’t eating breakfast. Who knew that I was trend setting! My first meal of the day is around noon and my last meal is around 7pm. I want to stress this isn’t a schedule I’m holding to, it’s just what ends up happening. I just don’t feel hungry. Some days I’ll skip lunch or dinner all together.

Am I only doing two meals a day? No, I snack sometimes and I’m not going to lie, there have been a few days that I cheated. One friday night I felt like eating some ice cream. Boy do I miss ice cream. I had my bowl, and enjoyed it. The next day, I battled a headache for most of the day. Looking back, I still say it was worth it 🙂 A week later I cheated again. This time I ate party mix chips. I definitely paid for it almost immediately. I couldn’t sleep, and I had a stomach ache much of the next day. That was most definitely not worth it. So what did I learn about myself. If I’m going to cheat, ice cream is my go to. Until this point I’ve been pretty good with my cheat nights as they are rarer than once a week.

I truly think this diet is working for me because I’m just trying my best. I’m not counting how many carbs I eat, but I do look at the ingredients and try to keep as few carbs as possible. Focusing on the quality of my food is the most important part of my diet.

Then vs now

There are a few downfalls to the diet.

  1. I have to buy new clothes. I do not enjoy shopping, and more importantly I do not enjoy shopping for clothes. So I’m making do with what I have for now although most things do not fit me well.

  2. When I go to visit friends there are few, if any things to eat. Truthfully, I am ok with this. The bothersome part comes when my friends apologize to me for not having things for me to eat. I’ve made a choice to be on this diet, and I don’t expect everyone to cater to it.

  3. My mother in law thinks I’m starving myself. Don’t worry, I’m not. If I’m hungry, I’m sure to eat.

  4. My brother in law, who is a chef has come for the holidays. He’s already made some Keto friendly things, but I want to try everything.

  5. Christmas food, baking, goodies, etc. I think this is self explanatory.

  6. Charo has not been successful. This probably has been the biggest stress for me on this diet. After all, I started this journey to accompany her. Luckily, I have the best wife ever as she really tries hard to make sure I’m still following my diet. She’s now gotten help from a dietician. I’m hoping this helps her get to her goals.

After all that, I’m almost at a point where I’m happy where I am. My initial goal was to get down to 170 pounds. I’m not that far off, that means I’m almost at a maintain place. I’d love to stay around this weight, and I’m guessing quality of food will be more important than quantity.

Thanks for reading and Happy adventuring!